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Welcome to the MOOSE platform! MOOSE is an acronym that stands for Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education. This website contains a learning library of assorted project-based learning experiences. Modules are self-paced and offer variety and choice in activities and topics. Search for a module by a specific grade span, subject, or topic, or simply choose something that interests and excites you to get started.

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collage image of students engaging in various activities. One student is hiking through a rocky area, one is completing an activity on a computer, one is taking a photo, one is cutting a board of wood with machinery, one is writing or drawing using a ruler, and one is writing in multiple languages on a chalkboard.

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More About MOOSE

To enhance access to anytime, anywhere learning options and resources for educators, students and their families, the Maine Department of Education, in collaboration with curriculum coordinators, Maine educational community organizations, museums, learning centers, and Maine educators, is creating a library of learning modules that are aligned to Maine’s Learning Results.

To learn more about this initiative, check out the DOE's MOOSE companion page.

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